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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Pondering Polygamy

Pondering Polygamy


James Bredin

If someone is eventually charged in a bigamy case,
And they get to the Supreme Court - that holy Charter place,
Where political appointees will decide about bigamy crimes,
Canadian bigamist will be set free in these strange times.

As the left wing praise the Trudeau/Chretien Charter of Rights,
Where international social activists have us in their sights,
Culture invasion by immigration but politically correct,
Where "EVERYONE" has rights even a terrorist suspect.

Claiming Charter rights and religious freedom to have three wives,
In High Court where political appointees live out their lives,
Where democracy means nothing to these lifelong appointees,
Where politically correct righteous decisions are a breeze.

As the dreadful Trudeau/Chretien Charter reveals once more,
Canada has radically changed from what it was before,
And democracy is a memory where the people can’t decide,
Where politicians and the people are forced to be on side.

And if a man is then entitled to have three women as wives,
Could women then have three husbands in order to survive?
Equal opportunity, Charter Rights and freedom of choice,
And should Canadians bow down or stand up or rejoice?

And the god of multiculturalism smiled and was pleased
At people who were caught in their own Charter trap and seized
By the righteous left wingers who love the United Nations
Did I upset you with these political complications?

And you’re not even allowed to read the writing on the wall,
Knee deep in hypocritical propaganda where we crawl,
No recall or referendums but abortion clinics here and there,
Our numbers going down and we’re not even in despair.

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