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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Political Changes not allowed

Political Changes not allowed


James Bredin

Overpaid pampered pompous politicians from hell,
With a left-wing hidden agenda they need to sell,
Liberal and socialist friends -- their appointed selections,
Supreme Court and Senate - no need for elections.

Referendums and recall of friends will be banned,
Defend democracy and lie that Liberals will expand,
And their Trudeau/Chretien Charter for "EVERYONE" they cry,
Where illegal terrorist immigrants claim rights as they apply.

We see the bearded terrorists dressed in white and we agree,
Lined up for hospital treatment, claiming to be refugees,
Look like the same type in Afghanistan killing our guys,
Politically correct draped coffins and why are we surprised?

Dead fellow Canadians and they’re not coming back,
You cannot ignore the fact that we’ve gone off the track,
As we count these coffins returning from Afghanistan,
We do it for the UN and democracy if we can.

We follow what the UN says from down in New York,
They seem to lead us around like a herd of dorks,
While our serious sovereignty is all propaganda fed,
No referendums, no recall, so peacekeepers wind up dead.

Adscam declared they’ll soon have another conference,
To increase our taxes and gain more Liberal confidence,
They hope to select our next Liberal prime minister,
No mention of dead soldiers and it’s more than sinister.

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