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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Our biased managed media

Our biased managed media


James Bredin

They feed us their information in special small amounts,
What they think we should think -- about what really counts,
And we are no more than sheep being led here and there,
Pumped up on their propaganda about our national affairs.

As these journalists allege that only they can tell the truth,
And their left-wing communist papers are not uncouth,
Everything slanted along Marxist United Nations lines,
We canít think for ourselves and we canít see the signs.

The terrorists have now all moved to Africa they say,
So we should follow them now, right away, come what may,
They want us in Darfur by next week or there about,
Because UN aid agencies are being killed and pulling out.

We canít deport terrorists because they might be at risk,
No need for Amnesty International to be angry or brisk,
The UN or G8 should rule because they are so clever,
Illegal aids refugees to Canada and stay forever.

We canít have callbacks or cutbacks or a set election date,
Itís an American idea and probably full of right-wing hate.
Canít change the Charter because itís nailed to a wall,
Donít think about your future because the media will make the call

And if youíre a journalist who doesnít tow the line,
You may be unemployed tomorrow morning at nine,
Theyíre into multiculture and francophonie you see,
Pious left-wing policies so get down on one knee.

With this biased managed media nothing is left to chance,
Soft on justice, Charter Rights, political song and dance,
Elected senators or Supreme Court judges might seem strange,
Where term limits and flat tax could eventually be arranged.

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