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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Ontario Politicians# Pay Raise

Ontario Politicians# Pay Raise


James Bredin

Ontario politicians decided to double their pay,
They did it on a whim; these legislators who wont go away,
And the people looked on helplessly as the politicians laughed,
No referendums, recall, forthcoming election; so no shaft,

Status quo has somehow been long lost in the past,
Crooked politicians doubled their pay, lied and the dye was cast,
As they taxed and spent and increased their pay every week,
Driven in limousines - their latest elitist technique.

The helpless citizens canít change this organization,
To help control politicians in this fearful frustration,
Since Mike Harris left us, we have all been in doubt?
Can someone shake the tree just to see what falls out?

Or could we get referendums or recall or any control?
Because our politicians should be in prison or on parole,
And we the people should be the ones who call the shots,
Why should we feel that we are being tied in knots?

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