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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Ontario Liberal Politicians

Ontario Liberal Politicians


James Bredin

It seems that all Ontario Liberal politicians lie,
And when they do this they sometimes look up at the sky,
And they expect us to believe them and I donít know why,
They want to stay in power forever and never say goodbye.

The illusion of "we the people" pushed time and time again,
Elitist arrogant special interest Liberals who condemn,
Referendums or proportional representation refused,
Plus recall of these politicians and they are not amused.

McGinty is a prime example of how things can go weird,
After Mike Harris Conservatives seem to have disappeared,
Liberal lies on top of lies and our taxes go sky high,
We got what we deserved while in Liberal hell we fry.

Like religious fanatics they are convinced they are right,
And we should go along with them and show some delight,
How do we change the system when they say that we canít?
They like it the way it is as they continue their rant.

They promised not to interfere with the electric rate,
Then they increased it immediately on the very next bill date,
They said they would ease gridlock but instead made it worse,
Then they doubled our taxes; this awful Liberal curse.

Then they convinced themselves that they did a great job,
And a person who canít see it is obviously a knob,
We canít get referendums and recall in this illusion,
They forbid all changes and thatís their final conclusion.

They have until the next election to continue doing zip,
Increase taxes again and hold onto their power grip,
They set this election date years ago to help their illusion,
If we vote them out of office weíll get rid of their confusion.

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