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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Let#s quit the UN

Let#s quit the UN


James Bredin

Canada may be mired down in the Middle East for life,
Searching for solutions to ongoing historical strife,
Which, history has shown, could last another ten thousand years,
All the great empires passed this way and all they got was jeers.

Though the UN seems to continue running Canadian affairs,
Where to go, what to do, when to fight and we should take care,
Our agenda is all written up and posted on their walls,
In various languages and in several scripts and scrawls.

"And our futures are at stake," the UN appointee also said,
"Greenhouse gasses and global warming might make us all dead,
The UN Kyoto agreement has to be implemented now,
And Canada has to do this soon and it doesnít matter how."

Dreamed up by Jean Chretien who also wrote the Charter,
Long before the 9/11 terrorists or a suicide martyr,
Sent soldiers to Afghanistan for the United Nations,
Never thought of dead soldiers or the ramifications.

We should pull out of Afghanistan, the UN and other places,
Do it by referendum in their political faces,
Why should we try to be an imperial power?
At the UNís bidding, here and there, at a hundred miles an hour.

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