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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Is Canada mentally ill?

Is Canada mentally ill?


James Bredin

Hidden deadly contagious disease brought in by refugees,
And the government wonít deport them and everyone agrees,
But we have the more deadly political correctness disease,
Never question officials or bureaucrats and always say please.

Aids refugees on welfare in motels and set for life,
Came to the UN Aids Conference to stay and claim Charter rights,
They could stay and spread the plague because of Pierre Trudeau,
His Charter gave "EVERYONE" rights but plague; we still donít know?

And the reason we donít know is because itís well hidden,
Canít get access to this information - its all forbidden,
Politically correct and wrapped in bureaucratic red tape,
Though a death sentence for a victim involved in an aids rape.

And as this refugee-aids plague is spread all around,
Will we still keep silent about it and make not a sound?
But those who contact aids may not be politically correct,
Contacting an imported plague might have that rebellious effect.

Especially as more people test positive for HIV,
We should realize it by then if weíre still not too blind to see,
That somewhere along the way we made a goofy mistake,
Allowing incoming aids infected refugees to be on the make,

Our wishy washy democracy has gone soft in the head,
Under goody-two-shoe UN directions we could end up dead,
Our politicians of course are quiet and not making a fuss,
No referendums, no recall and delayed elections plus.

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