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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Invasion by Immigration

Invasion by Immigration


James Bredin

An invasion by immigration was never in the cards,
They still donít pay much attention to events in this regard,
As incoming refugees claimed Charter Rights with pride,
And Charter multiculturalism cannot be denied.

Under their politically correct international Charter script,
Written by Trudeau and Chretien for millions of nondescript,
For "EVERYONE" in the world regardless of who they are,
These days, political correctness makes it all seem bizarre.

Where burka-clad ladies go to the mosque or maternity ward,
While Canadian girls go to abortion clinic without regard,
And feminists are all pleased and happy about these events,
Donít seem to realize the numbers this will one day represent.

Politicians say immigration policies are in control,
While our soldiers in far away Afghanistan are on patrol,
Itís a worthy UN-NATO cause they say and it has to be done,
It doesnít matter if the dead today is your daughter or son.

And 9/11 didnít upset their political applecart,
No changes to policies or agendas because theyíre smart,
When we are afraid of the government we get oppression,
But when government is afraid of the people, we get discretion.

Power to the people some folk like to shout and scream,
But binding referendums and recall are a distant dream,
And Ottawa is very distant and extremely far away,
Our politicians like to travel and may be absent today.

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