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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Guarded baby genocide

Guarded baby genocide


James Bredin

Genocide on a grand scale and not considered annoying,
No funerals or burials for lives they are destroying,
Our women rush to the abortion clinic with a health card,
And for the live babies in their bellies they have no regard.

And youíre not allowed to notice that this is happening all the time,
Genocide like Auschwitz but that was considered a crime,
Itís now considered womenís free choice - a High Court Charter Right,
To kill the babies in their bellies but always be polite.

And the Charter canít be changed because itís written in stone,
At least thatís what they tell us as they forever postpone,
While women dressed in burkas rush off to the maternity ward,
Call their male babies Mohammad which they raise and adore.

Multiculturalism they all call it -- government agenda,
It too is in Trudeauís Charter spread by their memoranda,
A national secret as our population goes into decline,
And no one seems to notice as politicians say weíre fine.

As we continue to keep our heads buried in the sand,
Read more pumped out left wing propaganda from the paper stand,
As the terrorists and the feminists all claim Charter Rights,
For different reasons of course in their social agenda fights.

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