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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Global Warming coming after you

Global Warming coming after you


James Bredin

Greenhouse gasses are coming and they’re going to get you soon,
Choke you up and lay you out at least by the next full moon,
They’ve got this Kyoto religious cult and you better join up,
Because the next inquisition, like the last, could indeed be rough.

Like all new religions, their intensity is ferocious,
Propaganda about Kyoto Accord is often atrocious,
Could climate change propaganda be worse than a communist plot?
Are they a bunch of influential crazies, who haven’t been caught?

Even the UN is on side and surely they can’t be wrong,
Remember Saddam oil-for-food scandal and they all went along,
Send money to poor places but through the UN in cash,
Foreign Aid is such a nice name for a UN Kyoto stash.

Eventually they may come and get you if you don’t obey,
Send you to their distant cold gulag away far away,
Their solutions to global warming will involve great pain,
But we have to suffer they say so that we can eventually gain.

And no one has the guts to tell them that they’re quite mad,
Politicians love to listen to themselves which can be quite sad,
With global warming we could burn to death and end up in a casket,
In the meantime, it appears we’re going to hell in a hand basket.

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