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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Foreign Aid

Foreign Aid


James Bredin

Through the years foreign aid money has simply disappeared,
Billions and trillions of dollars just vanished it is feared,
And no one will admit to knowing where the money went,
Donors caught in the trap of believing the UN canít be bent.

Foreign aid tends to end up in a warlordís bank account,
Thatís point seven of our GDP - a comparative large amount,
As their kleptocrats manipulate the incoming money,
And over there they think that this is all very funny.

But weíre not supposed to think that this could be serious,
And Swiss bank accounts are all hidden and mysterious,
International socialists and activists jump up and down,
They express themselves on TV, make speeches and frown.

We canít stop sending money they huff and they puff and declare,
People are sick with aids, hungry and many in despair,
We are compelled by the UN to send these foreign aid funds,
Even if we never see results and there are no refunds.

Because these socialists have an international agenda,
As they pompously pump out their UN pious propaganda,
Accountability and foreign aid sinkholes canít be discussed,
Consultants are also paid big bucks and please donít cause a fuss.

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