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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Fix Canada Soon

Fix Canada Soon


James Bredin

We have those who have sold their souls to the way things are,
Is Quebec a nation; are we a nation or is this all bizarre?
Should we stay in Afghanistan or get to hell out?
Is it fortunate or unfortunate that some of us have a doubt?

Is Quebec a nation or is this just a matter for debate?
Or just a political word to calm all those who are irate?
Or are we wandering around in the woods trying to pretend?
That history doesnít matter and we can make amends.

Nationalists of course are all worked up about this and that,
What does this word or that word mean or is it all old hat?
Does it involve culture, language, ethnicity or law?
Or does it show that we indeed have a national flaw?

If we want to fix Canada soon, we should start at the top,
Political appointed judges should all get the chop,
Replaced by those who are questioned and people elected,
No more elitists who are quietly back-room selected.

One or two-term senators to be picked by electorate,
No more life-time appointees in the Senate Protectorate,
We should have binding national referendums and recall,
So that tax and spend politicians canít cause us to crawl.

And all politicians should be bound by term limits - two,
No more lifetime prime ministers who refuse to say adieu,
And Canadians should have property rights in the Charter,
All Canadians, all Canada and we are indeed smarter.

And all votes in parliament should be completely party-free,
We should not have to live under some special-interest decree,
Canadians should have proportional representation,
No more socialist activist free spending foundations.

Canadians need to elect their own prime minister,
Not someone chosen by a political party -- sinister,
And elections held by date - not when and if he/she decides,
Parliament sits six months a year, full TV view where no one hides.

Canadians should have the right to refuse to assemble,
No compulsory membership and no need to tremble,
With a simple process to rewrite Trudeauís Charter of Rights,
You read it here first and it didnít take too many bytes.

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