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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - FEMINISTS



James Bredin

Staunch fierce feminists may not fare well in Sharia law,
They might be viewed as obstinate inclined to find a flaw,
They may not want to wear black burkas down to the ground,
Look out through a mesh slit if they dare to glance around.

And I don’t blame them a bit as they try to catch their breath,
Female adulterers are often half buried and stoned to death,
Or maybe crucified or beheaded by fanatical men,
This happens not one or twice but now and again.

Good reason for feminists to be opposed to Sharia law,
What happens if one of the four wives wants to withdraw?
Does she just walk away and leave the other wives too?
What happens if she thinks she’s allowed to have a tattoo?

As immigration bureaucrats allow in more Sharia-law types,
Those not allowed in, claim they’re refugees with Charter rights,
Quietly and peacefully at the airport every night,
As population changes so does the looming feminist plight.

But constantly reminded about the great Trudeau Charter,
Seldom told about AIDS refugees or a suicide martyr,
Add multicultural-Sharia law and their left-wing cause,
They vote as they are told and no need to think or pause.

And no one dares to oppose our multicultural pact,
Also written by Trudeau for "EVERYONE" and that’s a fact,
As talking heads and politicians tend to talk blah blah,
No recall or referendums allowed on Sharia law.

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