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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Enjoy Christmas Now

Enjoy Christmas Now


James Bredin

Will women wear the hijab, the niqab or the burka soon?
Will men have beards, four wives and caps like that Danish cartoon?
This canít happen here, you say, because weíre so proud and good,
But demographic disparities are seldom understood.

Because in our democracies itís only numbers that count,
And four Muslim wives make more babies in no small amount,
And as their numbers increase it soon becomes quite clear,
Weíre just another minority but what have we to fear?

But by then things will have changed in a hundred different ways,
Grandkids will remember Christmas in the good old days,
Before pedophile priests or churches sold and turned into mosques,
Or knocked down for condominiums or small business kiosks.

Itís a gradual change as time and politics turn the pages,
And our descendents reverse into fundamental dark ages,
Because referendums and recalls have never been allowed,
Our politicians think things are great and they all feel so proud.

Will the ayatollahs cancel Christmas as is feared?
Will men have to have four wives and a huge big beard?
Affirmative action no help when the handwriting is on the wall,
So enjoy Christmas while youíre still able to make that last call.

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