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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Doomed by democracy

Doomed by democracy


James Bredin

Seventeen terrorists arrested is not a small number,
Many names not published which might make you sit up and wonder,
Politicians are busy listening to themselves as they talk,
No referendums or recall and Canadians canít squawk

What do you say: we get to hell out of the Middle East,
Humiliating though it may be but stop counting deceased,
I wouldnít mind fighting or even dying for a cause,
But peacekeeper dead guys should give us cause to pause.

The problems are here in Canada - not in Afghanistan,
Not in Somalia, Lebanon, Israel or Kazakhstan,
The issues we have are here and now - not way over there,
Why did Chretien enroll us in that Afghanistan affair?

Constituent numbers are changing every night and day,
Sharia law type population explosion and what can I say?
Eventually weíll have cause to wonder how this all came about,
Illegals, Charter refugees, babies, slowly and without a doubt.

Our pompous politicians declared that everything was great,
Therefore there was no need to have a Canadian debate,
And they might discuss possible reforms behind closed doors,
So itís onward and upwards to victory on foreign shores.

Do-gooder political correctness right up to our ears,
A good name at the UN is maybe not quite what it appears,
The International Aids Conference left us even more,
Count the incoming infected aids refugees by the score.

Politicians donít seem to know or care about Sharia law,
Theyíre too busy off in distant Ottawa or visiting a spa,
Itís a local phenomenon they think so they just donít care,
Who let the enemy in the back door and thank you, Pierre?

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