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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Dead Babies

Dead Babies


James Bredin

The secret files at the abortion clinic cannot be read,
Dead babies donít have names so they have numbers instead,
The Jews at Auschwitz didnít have names but they had numbers too,
While enroute to the furnace they had the numbers tattooed.

Feminist freedom of choice on a good Auschwitz day,
They want you to read their left wing tracts as they point the way,
Please donít think of these actions as being in bad taste,
Or killing and burning the new generation as being a waste.

Freedom of choice; a rallying point and a feminist cause,
Canadian Charter of Rights for pregnant women just because,
The unborn babies donít have names or even Charter Rights,
Each one called a fetus enroute to the furnace, tiny and slight.

Like a poem lost somewhere in cyberspace and nobody cares,
Tiny bodies turned to ashes as we pretend weíre unaware,
Death dealing on a vast industrial Auschwitz scale,
Quietly efficiently where no one will dare to tell the tale.

Itís just a medical problem they say - not life and death,
If you have your health card, come in and see what you can get,
It depends on your trimester so come in soon and see,
The government gets the bill so therefore itís all for free.

They have reduced the birth rate to somewhere near zero,
Population canít increase and no oneís a hero,
Brought about by and freedom of choice and a wink,
Incoming Muslim immigrants to replace them might have to think.

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