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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Communists in our midst

Communists in our midst


James Bredin

They give each other fancy awards for no apparent reason,
For righteous left-wing UN issues in the sky or the season,
Then lap dog journalists pump our their media propaganda,
International UN socialist communist agenda.

And you thought the Commies were all gone with the old cold war,
But their same issues, Marxist schemes are hidden in a drawer,
They now talk of social justice - such a nice catch-all phrase,
Fellow travelers and feminists flaunting their UN displays.

And no one will ask why they want so badly to appease?
Or if incoming aids refugees have a contagious disease?
Left over from the UN Aids Conference a few months ago,
Why they can’t be deported, we’re not allowed to know.

National binding referendums and recall are not allowed,
Not by Ottawa or this UN left wing communist crowd,
Because they love Kyoto and every left wing UN scheme,
And you are not allowed to even think that this is extreme.

Pictures of them at banquets with friends and smiles,
Claiming they want to help children in the African wilds,
And they want to change any and all our government agenda,
With their left wing communist UN pompous propaganda.

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