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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Climate change coming to get you

Climate change coming to get you


James Bredin

Global warming is coming to a place near you later this year,
Sincere politicians say we will still have to persevere,
As they announce the most recent polls as if they were true,
Sanctimonious screamers that do everything on cue.

Surprising how easy their stupid ideas are to sell,
The sky may fall by next year and we may have to say farewell,
We’re so lucky to have them who are able to foretell,
Temperatures will raise sky high and we may all burn in hell.

The UN Kyoto Accord is indeed the only way to go,
Reason to pompously raise taxes to a higher plateau,
Send cash to poor places in this UN international plot,
And forget that UN Saddam scandal because so few got caught.

The so called experts and the analysts from tax-fund foundations,
Announce that this could interfere with international relations,
Unless we go along with them and buy into their crazy notions,
Forget reality and pay attention to their pompous emotions.

Their new irrational political religion needs you now,
No need to think about this or to lift up your eyebrows,
No need to be unsure, doubtful, suspicious or guarded,
Just follow pompous politicians who may indeed be retarded.

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