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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian writing on the wall

Canadian writing on the wall


James Bredin

Message to polite politicians: we donít need more refugees,
It doesnít matter how sick they are or where they came from overseas,
We need a way to get rid of them especially those with aids,
Regardless of the many activists they have in this charade.

I realize of course that this is like talking to a wall,
Full of graffiti, bureaucrats and left wing media scrawl,
Appointees in the Immigration Board that canít be changed,
Referendums and recall that will never be arranged.

It is rumoured that sometime long ago someone got deported,
No one knows for sure if this information was true or distorted,
Weíre the only country that knowingly imported a plague,
At a UN aids Conference politically correct and vague.

Refugees that came to the UN Aids Conference to stay,
And no one dared to tell them, they should go back or go away,
Its UN human rights and Charter Rights and they are supreme,
How many of us will die from this aids plague before we scream?

Which is more important: Canada or the United Nations?
Our politicians seem to have problems with these complications,
Politically correct UN aid buys military hardware and friends,
They want Canada into this and we too can follow their trends.

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