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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian changes coming down the pipe

Canadian changes coming down the pipe


James Bredin

This is a poem to show that thereís no need to get excited,
But we should try to remember ways to stay united,
Before the incoming immigrants expand and explode,
We could be a small minority somewhere down the road.

Of course you think Iím kidding because this couldnít be,
As you look around at the numbers and you tend to disagree,
Your left wing politician just said everything was great,
Without referendums or recall so thereís no need for debate.

Our abortions and birth control pills have improved our lives,
Compared to four fertile burka-wearing Muslim wives,
Though this is not about bigamy but about the babies they make,
A few million babies called Mohamed for the prophetís sake.

An invasion by immigration should not disturb your slumber?
Itís called demographics but thereís no need to think numbers,
Though their high birth rate will eventually bring catastrophic change,
More mosques and Byzantine minarets with a sound that is strange.

And nothing can be rearranged because of Trudeauís Charter,
Rights for "EVERYONE" including refugees suicide martyrs,
As opportunistic politicians pitch for immigrant vote,
Pretending itís their multicultural agenda they promote.

Locked in the politically correct storm of sensitivities,
Serious concessions for their curious activities,
Appointed appeasers have long been making these decisions,
As we are herded into the unknown with great precision.

Has our multicultural accommodation run amok?
Should we speak up at the United Nations or just shut up?
Should I thicken up my beard and keep my head down?
Or go up to the mosque and maybe just walk around?

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