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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian UN crisis every day

Canadian UN crisis every day


James Bredin

The UN has a new crisis in Africa every other day,
And if we want to be liked by them we have to obey and pay,
We watch people in Africa starve and kill each other on TV,
And activists at the UN have sent Canada a special plea.

They want money, aid and soldiers to straighten things out,
Immediately after Afghanistan in case we have a doubt,
They’ll send sick aids patients to Canada; they can’t be deported,
Claim refugee status on welfare and never reported.

Because politically correct Canadians believe,
The aids plague can’t come here and government wouldn’t deceive,
And the UN is honest and trustworthy and we should show no fear,
Those aids refugees can join the many others already here.

They came to the UN Aids Conference and wanted to stay,
Aids refugees that refused to go home and wouldn’t go away,
A vast conspiracy committed by left wing activists,
No criminal investigation into UN antagonists.

And those with the aids plague are on social welfare here,
Their plague killing half of Africa but we have no fear,
Never mentioned in the media so what could be wrong?
It’s been hidden by Access to Information all along.

The UN wants to increase their influence on the global stage,
Declare Darfur an exclusive Canadian outrage,
And after that we have to assist all those African failed states,
We have no alternative but to obey UN dictates.

Our Canadian medicare plan can keep aids refugees alive,
As we wait for a million more aids refugees to arrive,
And we can fix UN problems because we are so good,
Just like Rwanda when we couldn’t do what we thought we could.

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