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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Refugees and Charter Rights

Canadian Refugees and Charter Rights


James Bredin

Refugees claim Charter rights as they arrive every night,
Out at Toronto International Airport on the incoming flights,
Canít go back to where they came from for fear of discrimination,
Someone shows them how to fill out a refugee application.

Doesnít matter what diseases the have - AIDS, TB, or plague.
They surely donít speak English and can be difficult and vague,
But they know theyíre in the right place because of advice,
They got from an Internet site, up to date and very precise.

Of course you didnít know because this stuff is all hidden,
The idea of an open democracy is completely forbidden,
And if you come down with some strange tropical disease,
This politically correct attitude should put you at ease.

We donít know how many sneaked in at the AIDS Conference,
Not allowed to think about bureaucratic incompetence,
Pompous UN politicians say this is how it should be,
We have to agree, weíre so lucky to have AIDS refugees.

You canít ask questions if you donít know what to ask,
Your MP is very busy doing some other outlandish task,
Weíll have an election sometime in the years to come,
And if you want things to change; youíre obviously only scum.

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