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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Justice System

Canadian Justice System


James Bredin

They used the Supreme Court as a mechanism for change,
Because democracy is usually difficult to rearrange,
Their left-wing dictatorship agenda had to be maintained,
Through the Trudeau Chretien Charter it was all arranged.

Government by fiat arranged by the Supreme Court,
No need for referendums, recall or people support,
Abortion clinics could be built on every second street,
Kill babies by the thousands without being too discreet.

The population can be increased by immigrants galore,
Four wives, each with four kids and lots of Muslim décor,
Freedom of Islam religion so forget those bigamy laws,
Is Canada eventually headed straight into bicultural jaws?

Plus young criminals can’t be named and there is no shame,
These are youthful offenders and not criminals to blame,
Soft on crime politicians and judges soft in the head,
Though the victims of these criminals may indeed be dead.

Minimum sentences, house arrest, legal aid and bail,
Halfway houses often used for those who should be in jail,
A justice system that seems to have gone off the rails,
Where they believe all legal aid lawyers and criminal tales.

Politicians decided prisoners could have Internet access,
And they don’t have to use the jail as their home address,
No need to worry because they’re also allowed to vote,
Pompous politicians received many e-mail thank-you notes.

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