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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Battles near Kandahar

Battles near Kandahar


James Bredin

What have we accomplished in Afghanistan so far?
Despite the battles and our dead men all around Kandahar,
What have we taught these raggedy-ass men in strange headdress?
Please tell me the illusive answer about our great success.

Fight all day and four men dead for an abandoned school,
Does this make sense; where the raggedy-ass men still rule?
Then another comes along with a bomb on his bike,
These old suicide bombers types know where to strike.

No front line, no battlefield and they donít wear a uniform,
Flag draped coffins with dead guys seem to becoming the norm,
And long lines of men carrying these coffins is not a win win,
No matter how many politicians try to put on their own spin.

And even if we win, win, win, and win again; what have we won?
You can win all the battles there and loose the war when itís done,
Another Vietnam lesson except that this time weíre in it too,
Sometimes history tends to repeat itself but who knew?

Multiculturalism and social engineering not allowed,
Tight culture, language, religion, where women wear a shroud,
Alexander, the British and the Russians passed through there,
Armies and empires came and went and no one stayed or cared.

If we had recall and referendums we might influence events,
Real democracy to show politicians what this war represents,
And powerful people would realize what this is all about,
Referendum results would leave them with little doubt.

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