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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - An Environmental Spin

An Environmental Spin


James Bredin

With titles before and letters after their names; they should know,
How easy it is to get governments, the UN and people to kowtow,
Thirty two percent more greenhouse gasses than a few years ago,
As they stand and preach on TV and every radio show.

Our environment is going down the pipes, these do-gooders say,
Enthusiastic environmentalists screaming every day,
Like old time preachers on a pulpit as they preach about sin,
We can’t get to heaven unless we pay attention to their spin.

They speak with authority about the science of climate change,
And we’re not allowed to think that their theories might be deranged,
Human activity, they say, is the fault of it all since nineteen fifty,
Like prophets of old and no one would dare claim that they’re shifty.

Floods might appear in coastal areas along with frequent droughts,
The glaciers and the permafrost will disappear in case we have doubts,
The writing is on the wall they say and the Great Lakes will decline,
We might have to run into the woods or hide down an old mine.

The melting polar ice, the rising temperatures and the high seas,
We have to listen to these do-gooders with their mystique expertise,
We have to follow the grand UN Kyoto international plan,
Since Chretien and his left-wing Liberals signed us up to a man.

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