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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - African Basket Case

African Basket Case


James Bredin

Their pomposity and self righteousness deserves our attention,
As they pull the politically correct strings amid global tension,
These left wing socialist UN activists want us in Africa soon,
They get all the publicity they need every day, night and noon.

They point out plagues, famines, civil wars in Africa so sad,
Could be Somalia, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Congo or Chad,
Itís as though that place is cursed by disease and eternal war,
Polio, plague, aids, malaria, TB and itís difficult to ignore.

But weíre forced to ignore Africa because itís a basket case,
Where they kill each other on an industrial scale without disgrace,
Though screaming for help from the West amid the body count,
To improve some dictator-strongmanís Swiss bank account.

These left wing activists want supposed UN obligations filled,
But Canada was in Rwanda while five hundred thousand were killed,
Couldnít get in touch with the isolated UN in New York,
While the thousands of dead were piled like butcher-shop pork.

And the Americans went to Somalia to help the UN there,
Mogadishu, Blackhawk down, dead US soldiers, despair,
A basket case continent where those there donít seem to care,
Claiming refugee status everywhere in the world but there.

These UN left wing socialists scream in unison for their cause,
Want to bring all African refugees to Canada just because,
Government programs Charter Rights Status and drugs for aids,
They want to do it quickly before all this enthusiasm fades.

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