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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Afghanistan and Somalia

Afghanistan and Somalia


James Bredin

Afghanistan like Somalia should be left to evolve,
So they can ensure their religious issues are all solved,
And left wing UN socialists will be so thankful and pleased,
They want us in Africa immediately and all guns seized.

Because there’s genocide in Sudan and Darfur over there,
The UN says if we go, we could be their heroes in this affair,
Not like Afghanistan where we’re getting shot by the score,
Go bring aid to Africa and not Afghanistan no more.

Just leave Afghanistan like Somalia post Blackhawk Down,
Let the place slowly disintegrate and let the UN frown,
While left-wing communist journalists tend to pontificate.
They should all go to Darfur and try to administrate.

Because they pump their propaganda nightly on TV,
Socialists shouting their righteous ethics at you and me,
Want our soldiers in Africa to fight for their lost cause,
Maybe bring back some more aids refugees just because.

Because people can be manoeuvred like a large herd of sheep,
These disguised communists as socialists and we’re half asleep,
And if you’ve read these poems then you’ve led a sheltered life,
Mostly managed by left wing media without much strife.

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