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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Abortion clinics or Maternity Wards

Abortion clinics or Maternity Wards


James Bredin

Why do so many Canadians love their abortion clinics?
With high-flying feminists and other academics,
Hidden horror holocaust killing houses galore,
Where life is denied daily to new babies by the score.

Maybe five or six million dead fetus babies -- nobody knows,
No identification; no names, just numbers with no clothes,
Events that could maybe make the other holocaust look tame,
The guards at the Auschwitz death camp would understand this game.

Thereís an isolated hierarchy of untouchables dressed in red,
Made decisions that all unborn babies should dread,
Politically appointed infallible Supreme Court folk,
Read Trudeauís Charter and did it all with one little stroke.

Eventually, slowly, we will pay for these colossal blunders,
As immigrants who donít mix much with us increase their numbers,
Where a man can have three wives regardless of bigamy laws,
That plus demography at the maternity ward just because.

Political nerds in Ottawa should realize this and change,
Half our disappointed people refuse to vote to rearrange,
Bring in referendums, recall and a requirement to vote,
Start with proportional representation and stay afloat.

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