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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Abortion Clinic Dead Babies

Abortion Clinic Dead Babies


James Bredin

A million or more Muslim immigrant workers who just arrived,
When they saw our abortion clinics they were all so surprised,
That plus feminists loud mouths screaming about freedom of choice,
Charter Rights, Supreme Court decisions; so we could all rejoice.

And Canadians are of course allowed only one wife,
Even if we divorce, still only one wife for the rest of our life,
Canít have two wives in Canada though the Koran says four,
The Muslims had to believe or shut up or maybe just ignore.

Fetuses not considered human by Charter legal decision,
Made by appointees dressed in red at the High Court division,
Fetuses donít have legal names so they are simply some thing,
That can be sliced up, murdered and burned because of the left wing.

Demography plus the abortion clinic may spell our doom,
Decrease in population where vast changes could loom,
Of course you donít care and youíre barely aware of the change,
Politically correct white flight now and then is not so strange.

As we continue to keep our heads buried in the sand,
Read more pumped out left wing propaganda from the paper stand,
As the terrorists and the feminists all claim Charter Rights,
For different reasons of course in their social agenda plights.

The obvious connection is never mentioned in our papers,
Our left wing propaganda slips by all these abortion capers,
We are told that we are great so thereís no need to debate,
No referendums or recall and to changes to relate.

Though our population is going down, it means nothing to them,
Left wing activist abortion clinics canít be condemned,
Fixed by incoming immigrants who will have babies galore,
Then go to the mosque, give thanks, face east and kneel on the floor.

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