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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - A Nation is a Nation

A Nation is a Nation


James Bredin

If Quebec is a "nation," can we be a "nation" too?
Or is "nation" just a word for the special-interest few?
Is Ontario good enough to be a "nation" by itself?
Or are we being refused because we donít assert ourselves?

Is it just a word or could it have some legal implications?
Could it all lead to constitutional complications?
Could the provinces, like in the US, change names to states?
Free "nations" within Canada, could be up for some debates.

But Trudeauís Charter was written for "EVERYONE" on earth,
Do we need to rewrite it for a Constitutional rebirth?
And have rights to property for all Canadians here,
Maybe recall and referendums and all done without fear.

Could Alberta be called a "nation" but theyíre so far away,
Is that a yes or a no and whatís the reason for the delay?
We may as well have term limits, so no one else has a gripe,
And wonder what other changes are coming down the pipe.

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