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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - AIDS Refugees 2

AIDS Refugees 2


James Bredin

With the arrival of the AIDS refugees, the left wing scored,
They used Charter Rights and everything above board,
Immigration Board meetings for a decision next year,
AIDS refugees can live it up on welfare wearing a leer.

The number of these AIDS refugees has not been released,
Itís a secret and all hush-hush like the mark of the beast,
And these new arrivals are all carrying a deadly plague,
Better that Canadians donít know and itís kept very vague.

For now the pompous pious left wing media is quiet,
Though Canadians not inclined to demonstrate or riot,
And the AIDS conference organizers have gone home,
Left us AIDS refugees, all allowed to ramble and roam.

These refugees with the latest free medication they need,
None of them can go back home to Africa they plead,
There are ten thousand more AIDS refugees enroute,
And the silent left-wing media think this is very cute.

By allowing these AIDS refugees; are we not in danger?
Like a biblical plague of old except this is stranger,
A graphic example of the fact, that we have no control,
Of our Ottawa politicians and their pompous pious role.

And if you meet a refugee down at your local bar,
Ask if he/she is an AIDS refugee before you go too far,
Without referendums or recall, thereís nothing you can do,
If you or someone you know catches AIDS because of a screw.

And is all this imported AIDS plague for a good cause?
Are we also forbidden to realize that the Charter has flaws?
And we can thank the AIDS conference for all this confusion,
A mighty conspiracy and a Trudeau Charter illusion.

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