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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - AIDS Refugees

AIDS Refugees


James Bredin

They came from around the world to the Toronto AIDS debate,
Activists and socialist politicians throwing their weight,
Baiting the prime minister because he wasnít there,
Indeed their left wing media alleged he was a square.

Incoming AIDS patients lived in hotels and motels for free,
They liked what the saw and were told and they were glad to agree,
Citizens from Eritrea, Uganda and Zimbabwe,
So they decided to claim that they were refugees with glee.

They said they couldnít return because of discrimination,
So we have to help their sickness and immigrant vocation,
And Canadians were caught in this well planned socialist trap,
Helpless in an AIDS fiasco and forbidden to cause a flap.

Among people with the AIDS plague who could spread the infection,
Their activists and politicians disappeared on reflection,
They had done their work, all carefully planned and engineered,
And their left wing media said there was nothing to be feared.

These sick refugee claimants all on welfare for life for free,
Claiming Trudeau Charter rights and all their lawyers agree,
Immigration Board bureaucrats had to sit down and decide,
Doctors, nurses, hospitals and drug stores have to provide.

Has our political correctness completely run amok?
With the possible spread of AIDS who then will pass the buck?
Are we helpless and fear a decision that might cause flak,
Canít find a politician who will stand up and send them back.

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