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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - AIDS Plague to Toronto

AIDS Plague to Toronto


James Bredin

The huge number of AIDS refugees has to be withheld,
Canít deport refugees and it seems, they canít be compelled,
An African plague came to Toronto with the AIDS debate,
A vast socialist conspiracy and they still think itís great.

It could be ten or ten thousand; no one really knows,
They say that this city will reap the AIDS plague that it sows,
Which is worse AIDS or left-wing political correctness?
Toronto has both but then add bureaucratic indirectness.

Canadians seem stuck between a left-wing and a prayer,
AIDS refugees of the world enroute for free medical care,
It seems as though we think weíre immune from this plague,
And because they claim refugee status and itís all very vague.

It appears our system is being bent by socialist hoards,
International conspirators pretending they are lords,
And if we are naÔve enough and not realize they are vague,
Many may be overcome by this imported AIDS plague.

Death stalks us all - even the left wing -- one way or another,
But why hurry it, with an AIDS plague, I ask you, brother?
We need referendums and recall to impress politicians,
To tell them to stop these AIDS refugeesí admissions.

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