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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - AIDS



James Bredin

Trudeauís Charter was once again the bureaucratsí guide,
They let the AIDS infested refugees in on the side,
Jumped the immigration queue and straight onto welfare,
It was the international do-gooders answer to a prayer.

Refugees that canít be deported though they have the AIDS plague,
Came to the AIDS Conference in Toronto and acted vague,
Other AIDS plagued refugees from far away over there,
Are watching this refugee process and are keenly aware.

True believers in the international cult of human rights,
Their activist friends are no doubt sending out more invites,
And like all plagues there is a danger that it might spread,
Many more Canadians could end up dying from AIDS or dead.

But this scenario is forbidden to be spoken out loud,
Canadian left-wing locked-in politicians are so proud,
And Trudeauís Charter -- the greatest thing since sliced bread,
Written for "EVERYONE" alive with AIDS or soon to be dead.

Though trapped in Trudeauís Charter, we canít change a thing,
And there is no doubt that we seem to be flying on one wing,
Not allowed referendums or recall or ways to change,
We have to be loyal and obedient and not act strange.

Should we ask our politicians or does that make sense?
Should we just say nothing and let them keep us in suspense?
While homeless and panhandlers and AIDS refugees take charge,
And the welfare debt for their programs keeps getting large.

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