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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Why Canadians Don#t Vote

Why Canadians Don#t Vote


James Bredin

We live in an oligarchy and we’re governed by just a few,
Mysterious manipulative types but fronted by one or two,
Elected politicians who promise and go through the motions,
Pompous prates who make pronouncements for promotions.

But they themselves are not allowed to stand and represent,
Any of their constituents who voted for them, to any great extent,
It’s party discipline all the way without an independent thought,
They suddenly find in Ottawa that in reality they’ve been bought.

They’re just a number there and they’ll vote as they’ve been told,
A functional form of slavery -- they’re completely controlled,
And if they make a move from that mould or say a single word,
They’ll get kicked out from the Party and never again be heard.

These are the reasons Canadians feel so completely remote,
That as individuals they’re irrelevant so why bother to vote?
Their central administration is completely out of touch,
And the Access Act hides everything, a little bit too much.

This hollowed out government that’s supposed to serve the nation,
Secretly assist special-interest types by funding special foundations,
And Supreme Court decisions all based on their Charter,
Allows in illegal rouges and refugees and maybe a martyr.

They all claim it’s human rights for minorities by the score,
While the average Canadian they completely ignore,
It’s international socialism - where they spend and send money,
Through various organizations which isn’t very funny.

Therefore Canadian democracy is something very remote,
And proportional representation they will never promote,
And in the meantime why should Canadians even vote?
If MPs can’t think, talk or even clear their throat.

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