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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Liberal Leadership Convention

The Liberal Leadership Convention


James Bredin

The Liberal infighting claims there’s going to be a putsch,
They’re calling each other names and playing games and such,
And we’re all supposed to be surprised and terribly excited,
‘Bout their upcoming convention -- they’re so proud and delighted,
Hog the headlines, pump up their propaganda but stay remote,
Never reveal that only they will get to vote and promote,
And all Canadians are not allowed to vote in their election,
For a prime minister without recall or referendum connections.

Never mention term limits or that he could stay for life,
Settle down in Sussex Drive living quietly without strife,
Appointing senators, ethics guys and Supreme Court judges,
Never using notwithstanding clause, thus avoiding legal grudges,
Never changing the Charter that’s tied to terrorists coming in,
And those scandals that keep coming, again in Shawinigan,
Traveling the world to see friends like Castro and Mugabe,
Talking to us in sound bites from Cuba or Zimbabwe.

Of proportional representation they are not allowed to note,
But pricey treatment for proper provinces just to cull their vote,
Must have a million more civil servants - bilingual of course,
Is there a need to fix the system; could it get any worse?
Why make a decision; just wait for the Supreme Court,
They’ll change everything - no need for a political consort,
No need for democracy, parliament or a Senate elected,
With their gold plated index inflated pension plan protected.

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