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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Chretien Legacy

The Chretien Legacy


James Bredin

Hey Chretien: you know youíve been around too long,
Forty years in politics behaving like a Liberal King Kong,
They refer to you as "Dino" short for dino soar ass,
And your nephew backed Gore so he could surpass.

Little Liberal liar from Shawinigan running out of gas.
But still touring the world - potentate pain in the ass!
Backed communist Mugabe at the Commonwealth Summit,
In case he in an election he could suddenly plummet.

Canadians as a whole didnít give you such power,
Itís the system you see - slanted and seriously sour,
That allowed your Liberals to choose you without cause,
And you never once used your "notwithstanding" clause.

Your mandates of meaningless nothingness were dull,
Stacked political sleaze of all the Liberals you could cull,
Refused referendums and recall --got refugees instead,
While those with the brawn and the brains, to the US fled.

And the dollar dived down - almost to sixty cents,
"Good for tourists," you said, near homeless in tents,
Political correctness, you stuffed us with sleaze up to here,
Unquestioned Supreme Court appointees without fear.

Your political legacy - missing money and tax bites,
How you championed your Charter with no property rights.
Your heritage of hopelessness and that HRDC account,
Though we may never know the exact missing $amount.

Trust funds and foundations are the way to stash cash,
In Shawinigan this is not considered overly rash,
No free votes in parliament and all that nuclear waste,
Illegal terrorists and refugees that cannot be chased.

No proportional representation or an elected Senate,
Leaves your legacy of democracy down with Mister Bennet,
Donít worry; weíll remember your reforms alright,
Please retire soon to Shawinigan and get out of sight.

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