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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Shut down the Canadian Army

Shut down the Canadian Army


James Bredin

Next year Iíll be prime minister ten years,
Iíve never cared about government arrears,
Iíve visited every country ten times,
While dollar value descended four dimes.

Therefore you see Iím a busy man,
Return to Canada whenever I can,
Just talking to my good friend Mugabe,
Needs a few billion over in Zimbabwe.

Canít afford expensive war in Iraq,
Just because that George Bush wants to attack,
Those terrorist guys are a little sad,
But my Charterís for "everyone", Iím glad.

Trudeau and me wrote this Charter you see,
Canít be changed without permission from me,
That and my legacy I want to leave,
So forget about war and just believe.

Therefore I think Iíll shut down the army,
Though this news may not be received warmly,
Itíll be the reason I canít be involved,
My legacy is more important to solve.

I think Iíll build a pyramid mountain,
In Shawinigan near that giant fountain,
Next to the hotel and near the golf course,
A Liberal library too of course.

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