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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Questions about Canadian democracy

Questions about Canadian democracy


James Bredin

Why canít Canadians have election dates nailed down?
Must we forever be under the thumb of this clown?
Why do we wait until a PM decides to call an election?
To intercept an inspection and deny a new direction?

Why canít Canadians impeach their prime minister?
Americans can do theirs so itís not something sinister,
For conflict of interest for finding federal finance for friends?
For shacks in Shawinigan and other odds and ends?

Why is access to the prime ministerís past schedule forbidden?
Why does party discipline keep all connections to constituents well hidden?
Why no binding referendums or political recall?
Why do Liberals forever delay divert shutdown and forestall?

Why are we prohibited a pronouncement on the ethics of this group?
Chretienís cabinet that keeps Canadians forever out of the loop?
Why are we locked out of admittance by the so-called Access Act?
Why is democracy denied and obviously hijacked?

Why do the Liberals pour billions into private foundations?
Off the books, out of sight, Enron style and then contradict allegations?
Why are Supreme Court judges above and beyond an inquiry?
ĎBout their special interests or past prejudices or even their diary?

Why revolutionize the legal system with Chretienís Charter of Rights?
No case law, no common law from these Supreme Court heights,
Why canít Canadians interfere with the flood of incoming illegals?
Terrorists and refugees with Charter rights, lawyers and paralegals?

Why are Canadians denied proportional representation?
Why do forty percent of Canadians refuse to vote in frustration?
Why should Chretien sign onto the Kyoto Accord?
Is international socialism more important when Canadians are ignored?

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