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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Primeminister#s Ethics

Primeminister#s Ethics


James Bredin

Pick up your paper if you want to see,
On page one or six you’ll have to agree,
Your prime minister is there making a speech,
Honestly_ ‘bout ethics he’d like to teach.

The Shawinigan ethics course will start,
In a year or two "Right From the Heart",
By the RCMP or an ethics guy,
Political Honesty On The Fly.

That ethics guy he appointed back then,
Good job so he’ll appoint another ten,
To point out just how honest he is,
This little Shawinigan kid is a whiz.

Canadians never elected him,
To prime minister of any of them,
A Liberal conspiracy you see,
By socialist left wing bourgeoisie.

They’ll tax and spend and give it all away,
Dollar so cheap that we have to stay,
He’ll give it all to Mister Mugabe,
‘Cause they need it over in Zimbabwe.

A Canadian story, sad but true,
He used the system to give him his due,
We get the politicians we deserve,
But boy they have an awful lot of nerve.

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