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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Politicians meeting Refugees

Politicians meeting Refugees


James Bredin

Prospective voters arriving awaiting refugee kits,
Must get welfare, medicare with no fear of terrorist hits,
ĎCause "everyone" is mentioned in Chretienís Charter of Rights,
Thatís why those lecherous Liberals are meeting incoming flights.

While Canadians meander in a political haze,
These lizard Liberals put Kyoto in its locked-down phase,
Dutiful disciplined disciples of dictatorship vote,
So his internationalist socialist programs theyíll promote.

Heís pushing the government where the people donít want to go,
And those jobs will be lost as lazy Liberals kowtow,
He was a hero in Johannesburg with UN greeting,
He and communist friend Mugabe got cheered at the meeting.

Are Canadians getting exactly what they deserve?
Was it Shawinigan shenanigans they couldnít observe?
Or was it the Auditor Generalsí reports they couldnít read?
Manipulating sixty-cent dollars while economy bleeds.

Is proportional representation hidden from the people?
Like callbacks and free votes under parliament building steeple?
And without knowledge or term limits, itís Liberals for life,
To their international communist friends complete delight.

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