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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Obey those Liberals in Ottawa

Obey those Liberals in Ottawa


James Bredin

Politicians despise democratic debate,
Referendums, recall, and term limits can wait,
Deny and delay any amendments made,
Unless it’s an increase in the benefits paid.

These tax and spend socialists sell their status quo,
Two months off at Christmas just to go ho, ho,
Disciplined disciples march to his tune,
Media manipulation in the dark of the moon.

Don’t disclose his delays with democracy,
Or his slight of hand Access Act autocracy,
No constitutional change will ever be made,
‘Cause he wrote the Charter to be obeyed.

He’ll set the agenda and you will abide,
What they will tax, what they will spend and what they will hide,
The Kyoto Agreement will now go to bed,
No Questions, no answers, ‘cause that’s what he said.

And those people in Alberta can just rub salt,
There are only a few of them but it’s their entire fault,
They should show more respect and make no more noise,
Or he’ll go to Calgary and take their toys.

Democracy you see is difficult at best,
Discipline in the East but something’s wrong in the West,
Maybe next year he’ll allow another free vote,
Show these Stalinist socialists are not so remote.

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