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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Nice Canadian Questions

Nice Canadian Questions


James Bredin

Why are Canadians kept in the dark about election dates?
Why do we await a decision so he can avoid a debate?
Why canít we have an election every four or five years?
Why do pompous politicians constantly feed us the gears?

Why canít we pay down the enormous national debt?
Why one third of our taxes just so the interest is met?
Why is our dollar dropping down near sixty cents?
Can they debate dollarization or are they visiting the gents?

Do you know where your pious politician is right now?
Is it all hidden by the Access Act out of sight somehow?
Is he or she off traveling in some exotic foreign place?
Could term limits make them think about their home base?

Is he or she allowed to look after your wishes or your needs?
Are free votes allowed in parliament or is it party-discipline leads?
Would he or she get thrown out if they voted the wrong way?
Is that what happened to Nunziata or is that just what they say?

Are Canadian forbidden and not allowed to impeach a prime minister?
If the Americans can do it, why are we so silent and sinister?
Why do Liberals funnel money away to friendly funny foundations?
Why off the books out of sight in Enron style manifestations?

Why do certain provinces receive equalization and more?
Why $six billion annually to Quebec to do nothing but score?
Why are binding referendums never mentioned in propaganda?
Is this dictatorship directed from a Shawinigan verandah?

Why proportional representation prohibited by pompous politicians?
Could "recall" interfere with their travels and traditional acquisitions?
Where did that equality go that was mentioned in the Charter?
Why for "everyone" except aboriginals and canít change it or barter?

Why is flat tax forbidden and French Francophonie so supported
Why election of senators and questioned Supreme Court so thwarted
Why canít Canadians interfere with the flood of incoming illegals?
Terrorists and refugees with Charter rights, lawyers and paralegals?

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