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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - More Canadian Democracy

More Canadian Democracy


James Bredin

Ottawa Politicians are remote far removed, isolated from their voters,
Primping proud among the pompous platitudes of their promoters,
Where delusions of democracy are replaced by strict iron control,
And party discipline defeats the illusion that Canadians should be whole,
Our politicians are forced to forget those, whom they represent,
Feel foolish and disregard as they watch where the money is sent,
To Quebec and Shawinigan - itís what the PM wants and gets,
Billions here, millions there and fool around with the national debts.

Canadians never get an opportunity to vote for their prime minister,
Itís his friends in the party - itís the system -- nothing menacing or sinister,
As they manage and manipulate money quietly to private foundations,
No recall or binding referendums and no proportional representation,
No publicity, no interruption so shred all paper connected with corruption,
His appointed RCMP commissioner and the ethics guy allowed no disruption,
Weíll have an election maybe when and if the prime minister decides,
When dishonor, disgrace, an auditorís report or a scandal coincides.

It should be obvious by now, the political changes that Canadians need,
Not stuck in the status quo of socialist Charter decisions as judges mislead,
Not forgotten constituents, hypocrisy and the autocracy of party aristocracy,
A constitution, proportional representation, property rights - real democracy.
Not constant pompous pounding propaganda of misinformation to confound.
Canadians should feel they have control over Ottawa, not the other way around.
But while you were reading this they allowed in ten thousand illegal aliens,
And hired fifteen thousand civil servants - all voters but nothing Machiavellian.

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