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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Mister Chretien Time Out

Mister Chretien Time Out


James Bredin

The problem with politicians, they would like to stay for life,
But liable to leave a legacy of lechery laziness and strife,
This pompous pride of princes pushed by the euphoria of power,
Stamps a status-quo system that screams for changes by the hour.

Mister Chretien is no different, his system may be worse,
Heís the self-righteous arrogance that caused this Canadian curse,
He wrote the Charter but without a term limit clause,
ĎCause now he can stay for life and pretend heís Santa Clause.

He conveniently conceived a system of judge-made laws,
And then forgot and refused to use the notwithstanding clause,
Even when his appointees made off-the-wall decisions,
Pornography and spouses stamped their socialist revisions.

No proportional representation or referendums without permission,
No callbacks for Canadians; it could interfere with his ambition,
Itís do-gooder policies for every refugee who arrives,
With sick relatives and families and three or four wives.

He also forgot property rights or paying down the national debt,
A large legacy that six hundred billion dollars plus the Bombardier jet,
Add that little touch of communism without property rights,
And no set election dates from those pompous political heights.

This story is not over; thereís no schedule for change,
Heís staying for life and you can be sure he will arrange,
And those who write stories that itís time he was retired,
Will be unemployed quickly when they suddenly get fired.

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