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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Message to Ernie Eves

Message to Ernie Eves


James Bredin

Ernie Eves I don’t care ‘bout your funny hair,
But the shaky health system, I do care,
You need to get the message out to me,
-- not the social set where you’re having tea.

And Ernie, you should do it very soon,
That means now - don’t wait ‘till next June,
And if the feds wont give you the money,
Tell them you’ll separate and that’s not funny.

We have to believe, Ernie, that you care about us,
So try to communicate and kick up a fuss,
I realize you feel confident in your present position,
Don’t get too comfortable or you’ll be in opposition.

‘Cause the health-care system is out of dough,
Feelings for Conservatives getting very low,
Lineups at the clinics are becoming a boor,
New premiers before have been given the door.

So shake up the system; tell the feds where to go,
‘Cause the socialists are screaming you’re the foe,
And the people are listening, I’m sorry to say,
Stuck on the four o one thinking ‘bout their pay.

The publicity you’re getting adds to your ego,
May give Ontario a Liberal logo,
Because we the people don’t want two tiers,
Socialists are writing giving us the gears.

We had a connection with old Mike Harris,
He wasn’t hobnobbing over in Paris,
You have to come out really pissed off,
Or when you’re in opposition, they’ll really scoff.

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