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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Manipulation of the Media

Manipulation of the Media


James Bredin

Their political embarrassment emphasized that nothing was wrong,
Mentioned on page six for one day and then it was gone,
Pushed out by information overload as if it didnít belong,
Feed them tiny trivia, traditions, sports and weíll all get along,
Shun shame for some Liberals, Ďcause we sing the same song.

There are certain policies that are never mentioned for sure,
For the unwritten guidelines that educate the dumb and the poor,
These subjects are hidden and forbidden by every writing doer,
Or their careers will go downwards towards the proverbial sewer,
And they better be aware of this ever-present psychological skewer.

The limitations of the Access to Information Act is never revealed ,
Thatís how hidden Liberal secrets that are locked up and concealed,
Proportional representation is forbidden -- a media mine field,
And referendums and recall and things they wont yield,
While callbacks and election dates and rich foundations they shield.

And Canadians donít know theyíre not allowed to impeach,
Canít get rid of a prime minister -- thatís what they teach,
No crime, no punishment, no term limits and heís way out of reach,
He appoints the judges, the generals, senators in every speech,
This the media will mention so there is no Liberal breach.

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