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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Liberal Travels

Liberal Travels


James Bredin

No one is allowed to know where Liberal politicians go,
The Access Act hides it - written by Chretien and Trudeau,
Their itineraries have been hidden since nineteen eighty three,
Denied access, no guarantee, canít disagree with a government decree.

Itís a tightly held secret that youíre not allowed to know,
In their secret travel agency hidden since so long ago,
Fronted by a prime minister who is seldom at home,
Speaks to us in sound bite from Africa, Paris and Rome.

The public attention is directed obviously here and there,
By statements from Chretien, Martin and even Tony Blair,
Propaganda for the people while lots of Liberals travel far,
Secretly and quietly to Japan and India and maybe Myanmar.

The arrangements of these arrogant Liberals is difficult to digest,
Especially when forty percent of Canadians are so little impressed,
They donít even bother to vote and give recognition to politicians,
Why bother? Who Cares? In these dictatorial traditions.

No Canadian politicians can ever be impeached,
They are like god - so high they canít be reached,
And Canadians are not allowed representation by population,
Canít change the Liberal rules for Canadaís salvation.

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