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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Liberal Thing

Liberal Thing


James Bredin

The Liberals love this thing,
No fear when they fail.
Way out on the left wing,
Friendly souls for sale.

Give some money to Mugabe’s,
Callow communist core,
Over in Zimbabwe,
Hunger death or décor.

Shell Shawinigan just because,
You decide if you cry,
Liberal Santa Clause,
No RCMP or ethics guy.

Chretien’s Charter can’t be changed,
Not since nineteen eighty two,
Allows dreadful and deranged,
To arrive and they knew.

These incoming illegals,
All claiming their rights,
Met by lawyers and paralegals,
To the Supreme Court heights.

Medicare for all their kin,
Four wives and fifty kids,
All to special media spin,
They forbid incoming lids.

Don’t change anything-just delay,
Leave Liberals to decide,
Socialists never sway or stray,
Let the opposition divide.

Liberal manipulation,
Mindless media news,
Location Liberal donation,
While socialists snooze.

Kyoto environment now,
Employment no matter,
It’s socialist cats meow,
They’re mad as a hatter.

Dollar down to sixty cents,
But everything is grand,
Liberal lobbying expense,
Part of Liberal plan.

Keep Maritimes on welfare,
Equalization to Quebec,
You’re not allowed to compare,
Politically correct check.

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