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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Liberal Socialist Communists

Liberal Socialist Communists


James Bredin

Liberal socialists know that you might eventually hear
‘Bout their quiet commitment to communism; they fear,
They tax and spend and give and lend their foreign socialist friends,
Taxpayers’ money trends to buy many a Mercedes Benz.

They cover their tracks and hide it all inside the Access Act,
Joseph Stalin showed socialists just how secrets could be stashed,
What he did to the Russian ruble, they’ll do to the dollar,
It’s dropping to a dime and no one is allowed to holler.

How the one-party system works with little opposition,
Hide communist ambitions within a socialist mission,
How to pompously pretend that they’re ethical while they hoard,
Push their propaganda with appointments to the proper board,

Dampen down democracy because only the party rules,
No individualism or callback for these poor fools,
Proportional representation will be stopped in its tracks,
And binding referendums could cause Party-discipline cracks.

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